Film Composition

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Wanted 2018


Created by Rebecca Gibney and Richard Bell, Wanted is a suspenseful crime series centred around the relationship between two unlikely companions. Kaiya Cade’s original composition entitled “Feed” (2018) features in Season 3 Episode 4.

Carrots 2018



Best Original Music (Hollywood North Film Festival)

Best Director (Hollywood North Film Festival)

Best Canadian Short (Hollywood North Film Festival)

Written and Directed by Molly Shears, Carrots is about a young girl who searches for her mother who has abandoned her family to become an internet health guru. The film deals with themes of health obsession, the phenomenon of “clean eating,” and the expectations of motherhood. The score features ethereal, dream-like sequences and a feature indie-folk ballad.

Midnights 2017



Women in Film (Ryerson University Film Festival)

Best Experimental Short (Redline International Film Festival)

Best Sound Design (Redline International Film Festival)

Directed by Rita Ferrando and released May 2017 as part of the Ryerson University Film Festival, Midnights is a short film exploring the psychological nuances of a deteriorating relationship. The soundtrack is constructed in a five-theme format, each theme enveloping ethereal and haunting sonic landscapes which breathe through the film.

Armchair 2017

Armchair Fullsize.jpg

Directed by Molly Shears and released July 2017 for the London (UK) Film School, Armchair is a short film about a teenage boy who struggles to relate with his mother after the ineffective treatments of his mysterious illness. The score unfolds as a mysterious, vocally-overlaid soundscape.

Her music is soft and ethereal.
— Sonia Arab (Senior Music Producer, CBC Toronto)